Berwick Slow Food  are the local branch of Slow Food UK and with an elected committee we -

  1. Organise an annual Food & Beer Festival. With food and drink from local & regional producers, visitors have the opportunity to sample foods / meet producers to find out more about the produce / relax in a family friendly environment - find out more on
  2. Facilitate talks and educational workshops
  3. Have social events to visit local restaurants, local food and drink based businesses featuring local produce, celebrating our region & bringing people together
  4. Advocate in our local area for good, clean and fair food for all.
  5. Organise visits to local producers and businesses
  6. Support & promote local & regional food producers.

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is an International grassroots organisation which started in Italy with Carlo Petrini in the 1960s, linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment.

Its aim is to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasures and a slow pace of life by invigorating people's interest in food, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us.

Slow Food also recognises the value of local traditions and years of accrued knowledge and culture and as such attempts to preserve these through it's Ark of Taste Project.

In short Slow Food promotes true enjoyment of good food and food production systems which provide good, clean and fair food

This can be done through

  • Children's education programmes
  • The Ark of Taste – saving food production traditions
  • Linking food producers to people / chefs
  • Supporting local artisan producers
  • Valuing the taste of our food
  • Using Seasonal food
  • Avoiding airmiles in the transportation of foodstuffs
  • Keeping Traditions for next generation: cooking methods / ingredients / recipes

We run regular events - click this link to find out more!

Our Objectives

  • To continue to develop Slow Food principles to the public
  • To provide financial support for training to young person/s who would otherwise struggle to achieve a future in the food / drink sector
  • To promote the work of Slow Food
  • To encourage partnerships with existing food initiatives in Berwick
  • To help support young person/s to remain in Berwick for employment
  • Defending local and regional traditions
  • Encouraging the socialisation of eating and enjoying food
  • Introducing people to local and regional food & drink
  • Encouraging people to share years of food knowledge
  • Supporting local and regional producers of Good Clean & Fair food
  • Campaigning

Meet the Team

Our Committee is comprised of the following voluntary members.

Mouseover the profiles below to read a brief biography

Laura McGinlay

Laura McGinlay

Leading on our communications for Berwick Slow Food throughout
Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Spear head of Slow Food advocacy and education projects for Berwick Slow Food

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Millie McRobbie
Vice Chair

Millie McRobbie
Vice Chair

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David Simpson

David Simpson

Born and brought up in Berwick and passionate to see the town thrive and continue to offer the most it can to residents. David brings 9 years of hospitality and 6 years of financial services experience, as well as a love of food and drink.

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Ray McRobbie
Festival Director

Ray McRobbie
Festival Director

Born and bred in the area with a great passion for supporting local business. 10+ years experience in hospitality has taught me a lot about good food and drink. Including running my own craft beer business for 3 years.

Festival Director alongside my wife since 2022

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Alison Edwards
Secretary & Comms

Alison Edwards
Secretary & Comms

Sustainable living advocate and Real Bread supporter, using her Comms & Marketing experience to support Berwick Slow Food.

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Jo Thomas

Jo Thomas

Passionate in community growing, outreach of advocacy and education in our school growing program.

Children Activity Coordinator for BFBF 2024

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Laura Scruton
Committee Member

Laura Scruton
Committee Member

Laura loves food, fun and festivals and is particularly interested in health and the environment - Berwick Slow Food seemed the obvious place for her to be!

Berwick Slow Food Festival 2024

Confirmation of Dates : 16th - 18th August

Now in its 17th Year we are delighted to say that Berwick Food and Beer Festival will be sticking to the new August dates after a roaring success in 2023.

Berwick Slow Food is also thrilled to announce that Ray and Millie McRobbie remain at the helm of our festival as our Festival Directors for the 2024 edition.

Full details are available on our dedicated festival website so please head there for more information >

How to join Berwick Slow Food...

If you are interested in the Slow Food movement and wish to support both Slow Food UK and the vibrant Berwick Slow Food group please consider joining as a member.

There are Family, Individual and Concession options for membership, starting from as little as £2 per month. Simply select 'Berwick' from the Local Group drop down menu on the application form and you'll automatically be enrolled as a member of Berwick Slow Food, as well as Slow Food UK.

To discuss any issues or questions about membership, please feel free to contact our secretary or complete the Contact Form below:

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