The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) has begun. Let’s make food part of the solution.

With the effects of Climate Change all around us, from record fires, floods, and heatwaves (new daily records barely even seem news), and big government conferences seeming far from most peoples lives, it can seem hard to know how to make a meaningful difference.

Slow Food in the UK with Slow Food International has created the Slow Food Climate Declaration, and today we are asking you to sign it.


Slow Food is an International grassroots organisation which started in Italy with Carlo Petrini in the 1960s, linking the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment.

Its aim is to defend regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasures and a slow pace of life by invigorating people's interest in food, where it comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us.

Slow Food also recognises the value of local traditions and years of accrued knowledge and culture and as such attempts to preserve these through it's Ark of Taste Project.

In short Slow Food promotes true enjoyment of good food and food production systems which provide good, clean and fair food

This can be done through

  • Children's education programmes
  • The Ark of Taste – saving food production traditions
  • Linking food producers to people / chefs
  • Supporting local artisan producers
  • Valuing the taste of our food
  • Using Seasonal food
  • Avoiding airmiles in the transportation of foodstuffs
  • Keeping Traditions for next generation: cooking methods / ingredients / recipes

Berwick Slow Food  are the local branch of Slow Food UK and with an elected committee  we -

  1. Organise an annual Food & Beer Festival during the first weekend of September.  With over 80 stalls of local & regional producers, visitors have the opportunity to sample foods / meet producers to find out more about the produce / relax in a family friendly environment
  2. Give talks at local groups
  3. Have social events to local restaurants featuring local food
  4. Organise visits to food producers
  5. Support & promote local & regional food producers.

Congratulations to Michael Hindhaugh, River Tweed Wild Salmon Fishing Co who has been awarded Slow Food International Ark of Taste status for saving our unique salmon net & coble fishing on the Tweed right in the middle of our Town. Michael encourages anyone who is interested to join his crew to experience this amazing traditional way of fishing.

Further info about this opportunity:

For more information on Berwick Slow Food contact us here.


  • To continue to develop Slow Food principles to the public
  • To provide financial support for training to young person/s who would otherwise struggle to achieve a future in the food / drink sector
  • To promote the work of Slow Food
  • To encourage partnerships with existing food initiatives in Berwick
  • To help support young person/s to remain in Berwick for employment
  • Defending local and regional traditions
  • Encouraging the socialisation of eating and enjoying food
  • Introducing people to local and regional food & drink
  • Encouraging people to share years of food knowledge
  • Supporting local and regional producers of Good Clean & Fair food
  • Campaigning

Slow Food - Ark of Taste Video

Berwick Slow Food Video Demos

Berwick Slow Food Video Demos

Meet the Team

Our 2021 Committee is comprised of 4 Officers and 4 Members

Mouseover the profiles below to read a brief biography


Kate Gill

Having been involved with the Food and Beer Festival for the past eight years I look forward to assisting in the growth of the Berwick Slow Food group in the region

Email Kate

Kev Wylie

Kev Wylie Vice Chair

Kev Wylie
Vice Chair

Leading on our communications for Berwick Slow Food throughout
Northumberland and the Scottish Borders

Email Kev


Sophie Hamilton

The Slow Food Movement is of such importance at a time when diet has been so crucial to health and survival. It is a pleasure to be Secretary of the branch in Berwick-upon-Tweed

Email Sophie

Ken Hardy

Ken Hardy

After leaving the Hospitality Industry after more than 30 year & still having a passion for Food & Drink I came across the local Food & Beer Festival. After volunteering for two years I was invited to join the committee and was delighted to be asked to stand as an officer and using my new career skills took up the position of treasurer

Email Ken

Linda Pepper

Linda Pepper

Linda Pepper

Regular volunteer at the Festival who has evaluated the Festival from customers' points of views

Email Linda

Millie Stanford
Committee & Lead for Fringe

Millie Sandford

Millie Stanford

Traders support & Food and Drink Fringe Fest coordinator. Passionate about community, supporting small local business and sustainable food

Email Millie

Zoe Long

Zoe Long

Zoe Long

Children’s activity coordinator and bursary support group. Business owner and proud supporter of local suppliers and producers

Email Zoe

Further Contact Details:

Bursary Support Committee: A recent initiative offering support to local young individuals seeking support in furthering their skills and career.

Trader Support Committee: A recent initiative offering support to local traders and producers.

How to join Berwick Slow Food...

If you are interested in the Slow Food movement and wish to access key member benefits as well as the opportunity of joining the vibrant Berwick Slow Food group please apply here.

To discuss any issues before joining, or for further assistance from a member from the Berwick group, please feel free to contact our secretary Sophie Hamilton or by completing our Contact Form below:

Berwick Slow Food Festival 2021

Confirmation of Dates : 4th & 5th September 2021

A celebration of Food and Beer

A celebration of Food and Beer

Now in its 14th Year the Berwick Food Festival is organised by Berwick Slow Food. The Festival was held in the magnificent surroundings of the 18th Century Barracks.

We were delighted to support artisan producers in 2021 by staging a ‘Berwick Food Festival’ rather than our usual ‘Berwick Food & Beer Festival’. Our festival followed government and local authority restrictions that were in place for outdoor events at the time of the Festival.

This year entrance was free.

There was something for everyone over the weekend with around 50 stalls of the finest local and regional produce and beers.

Head over to our Festival website for more details about the 2021 festival.

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